TimBen pledges to serve you with Independence, Integrity and Intelligence. He has a plan and will work to make it happen.

TimBen’s 12 Point Plan for a Better Santa Clarita

Listen with respect to every person who comes before the City Council and consider their viewpoints before making decisions.
Build more roads to avoid the gridlock that will be caused by developments that the City has already approved.
Attract higher paying jobs for a stronger local economy.
Provide more resources for our Sheriffs and build a needed Sheriff Station in Canyon Country.
Expand the Senior Center and work to bring back the Transitional Care Unit to meet the needs of our senior citizens.
Guarantee private property rights for all citizens.
Abolish unfair elections that raise our property taxes and violate the spirit of Prop 218 ‘Right to Vote on Taxes Act’.
Resolve the Cemex mine issue to ensure cleaner air to breathe and eliminate an estimated 1200 trucks daily from our roads.
Require transparency in local government by passing new and effective “sunshine” laws like other cities have.
Regulate the corrosive power of money in elections by limiting campaign contributions and creating hefty fines for late reporting.
Let the Public speak to the Council at the beginning of Council meetings so that they can go home to their families.
Give the Santa Clarita libraries back to the people by making them public again and not for profit.

“Boydston…became known as the one to represent the little guy…he has made great strides in establishing himself as a man concerned about the welfare of his fellow residents, laboring to ensure the people’s voice is heard.” 
~~ The Signal newspaper

Committee to Elect TimBen Boydston to City Council 2012
19623 Green Mountain Drive
Santa Clarita, CA 91321